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Real Estate Law and Land Use Planning in Trenton, Ontario

From buying your first home to subdivision development, our Sioui Mitts Law team uses our years of experience to provide the most suitable advice for issues related to real estate law. We make sure that all our cases receive the necessary attention required to ensure a successful outcome for our clients.

Real Estate Law

Our Real Estate Law practice includes:

Residential and commercial purchases, sales, and refinances
Commercial leasing
Landlord and tenant law
Residential and commercial land development
Severance applications
Rezoning and minor variance
Property boundary, title, and ownership disputes
Mortgage enforcement proceedings
Real Estate Law

Land Use Planning Law

At Sioui Mitts Law, we know that land use planning is already a hectic task. It encompasses several challenges and technicalities. We are here to assist you with the most complex aspects of land development-related issues with the municipality.

Our Land Use Planning Law practice includes:

Official plan and zoning by-law amendments
Severance applications
Minor variance application
Subdivision and site plan approvals
Land Use Planning Law

Need Legal Services for a Real Estate Dispute?

From property purchase to subdivision development, we can help you with all.

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